“You embody the spirit of sailing, the sense of adventure... wondering what's around the next bend....the free spirit of being Captain of ones destiny.  

The rally would have been more of a forced march without your presence.  For me it wasn't about the miles made or

the  waypoints we hit, it was the relationships we

forged, and the adventure of discovery as we

explored new horizons and unfamiliar cruising


 What we needed was an adventurer and a free spirit

to show us how to enjoy what we took on.

I am certain no one could have done it any better

than you my friend.

Mike Sturgeon

Just Who IS Wally?

When I lost my prop and part of my shaft on day one of the trip, you stayed with me until after I had anchored my boat. While I was contacting Tow Boat US, you contacted the US Coast Guard to make them aware of the situation. It was only then you rejoined the group as I was in a safe position.

Again, when I was late catching up to the group after repairs being completed, you came to my rescue. I was traveling after dark on a moonless night in an area that was difficult to navigate. You came to our boat, boarded it and took us to a safe anchorage.

The above examples and other times when you provided a hands on approach assistance and guidance, that was so very important to me, allowed me to continue on with my trip south.
Bob Figgs

You are the face of the Rally. You always assured me that nothing would come that we could not deal with...

it was beyond fun!

Jan Eure

Wally Moran

Rally Captain, Sail to the Sun ICW Rally, 2015/16/17/18/19/20